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Wrongful Death Attorney Raleigh

Wrongful Death Lawyer Raleigh

Common law dictates that the deceased cannot pursue a suit against another person, therefore any legal claim ends once the plaintiff is dead. However, several states have passed wrongful death statutes which give families the ability to pursue compensation if their loved ones died due to the negligent actions of others. Though a human life can never be replaced, these wrongful death statutes allow families some measure of compensation for that which is irreplaceable.
We understand the importance and the time it takes to grief for these terrible losses, but to get the compensation your loved one deserves, call and speak to one of our attorneys soon, as the statute of limitations in North Carolina for recovery from wrongful death cases is two years. If you need a North Carolina Wrongful Death Lawyer, contact one of our NC Wrongful Death Attorneys at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood today at 919-233-0520.

Example instances where a wrongful death claim may result:

In addition to the above cases, another important consideration in a wrongful death payout is a lien from Medicaid. A legal requirement of receiving Medicaid treatment is the repayment of medical expenses in the event of a settlement, but this amount is capped under the special circumstance of a wrongful death suit. To learn more about how our attorneys can help in this situation, please visit the Medicaid lien page.

Due to the time limitations with a wrongful death claim, please contact one of our attorneys as soon as possible, at 919-233-0520, if you feel that you may have a claim.


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