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Worker’s Compensation Attorney Raleigh

Worker’s Compensation (also known as worker’s comp) laws protect injured workers. The purpose of these laws is to ensure that someone who is hurt while on the job receives appropriate medical care, lost wages relating their on the job injury and, if necessary, retraining and rehabilitation. When workers are killed on the job, members of the workers’ families are usually eligible for benefits.Work Related InjuryInjured workers often will benefit from consulting with a worker’s comp attorney who can help them protect their benefits and defend against the premature termination of benefits.

Possibility for Exclusions From Coverage

Depending upon the jurisdiction, if the injury or death occurs as a result of willful misconduct, the injured may be barred from recovery under the worker’s compensation laws.

Worker’s Compensation Litigation

Those with more serious injures may have difficulty with their employer or with the compensation system. Those workers may benefit from consulting with a Raleigh, North Carolina lawyer. Worker’s Compensation litigation takes place in an administrative setting and attorney fees are limited by statute.

When do you need a worker’s compensation attorney? Generally speaking, if you are asked to return to work before you feel you are able, refused benefits, or are denied extended disability after suffering a significant injury, you would want to contact an attorney. If your employer sends you to a doctor who declares that you are able to return to work even though you don’t believe you are yet able, or tries to get you to return to work to a special job created to accommodate your injury, you should consider speaking to a worker’s compensation lawyer right away.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney if Everything is Going Smoothly with my Workers Compensation Claim?

Many folks ask us “Why should I hire an attorney if everything’s going smoothly in my Worker’s Compensation claim?” The answer is that the only way to secure your rights is by properly filing your claim with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

What Does it Mean to Be a Board Certified Specialist?

What is a board certified specialist? It used to be that a lawyer was expected to do everything, from handle your traffic ticket to handle your real estate closing, but not any more.

Should I Hire a Lawyer from a Large Law Firm or a Small One??

You might be asking yourself, “Should I hire a lawyer from a large law firm or a small one?” Well I worked for a large law firm for a number of years and I can tell you there are a lot of important differences.

What Makes a Lawyer a Good One?

What makes a lawyer a good one? No one really believes that insurance companies are scared of your lawyer. But there are lawyers that insurance companies respect, and those lawyers get better settlements for their clients.

Can Your Workers Compensation Claim be Denied?

Did you know that in North Carolina many Worker’s Compensation claims are denied because of recorded statements given by the injured worker?

Did You Know You Can Receive Extra Benefits in Addition to Your Workers Compensation Benefits?

Did you know that you can receive Worker’s Compensation benefits, and also receive Social Security Disability benefits?


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