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Sports Accidents

Sports are physical by nature, which means players may incur some minor bumps and bruises along the way. That’s why most teams and recreational groups require you to sign a waiver of liability, acknowledging that you’re aware of the potential risks associated with participation. However, that doesn’t account for the conduct of others, who can put you at greater risk for serious injury if acting negligently. Coaches, teammates, property managers and other related parties are expected to uphold responsible standards of conduct that minimize risk of player injury. Those best practices include:

  • Proper Coaching: As supervisors of the team, coaches are expected to train participants to play in a safe manner, and should regularly monitor participants to address and eliminate potentially hazardous behavior. Coaches should also openly discuss safety procedures and practices with players beforehand.
  • Facility Safety: The National Alliance for Youth Sports dictates that coaches and administrators are responsible for inspecting playing facilities for potential hazards to mitigate exposure to those hazards. This includes inspecting facilities before a given sports activity and continually throughout the playing season.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Coaches, administrators and manufacturers are also responsible for ensuring playing equipment and other products used in play meet the proper safety standards. Administrators should ensure athletes are provided equipment that fits and is functional.

It’s important that you understand your rights. Despite acknowledging personal liability when participating, if you sustain injury as a result of another person’s potentially reckless or intentional conduct, you may have the right to bring a lawsuit for damages. That includes injuries sustained while playing sports such as basketball, soccer, football, wrestling and more, as well as injuries from product defects and other factors.

If you have been injured in a recreational sporting activity due to the conduct of another party, contact the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you properly evaluate the specifics of your personal injury loss, and will decide what is needed to hold the relevant parties accountable.

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