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E-Cigarette Litigation

An e-cig, or electronic cigarette, is a battery-powered cartridge filled with nicotine that vaporizes when heated. The user then inhales the vaporized solution, which contains the same active nicotine ingredients as a traditional cigarette. While the popular belief is that e-cigs are safe alternatives to tobacco, there is strong evidence to the contrary.

E-Cigarette Facts

Here are some eye-opening facts about e-cigs:

E-Cigarette Burn Injuries

The most common injuries we see involving e-cigs are severe burns and explosions, however injuries can range from burns to loss of fingers. According to a 2016 report from eCig One, nearly 45% of all reported burning incidents occurred while the device was charging. FEMA attributes the majority of these explosions to Lithium-Ion battery failure most likely caused by manufacturing flaws and use of low-quality materials.

Other E-Cigarette Health Hazards

Proponents of e-cigarette technology cite the lack of knowledge about the long-term health effects as a safeguard against stricter FDA regulation. However, here’s what we do know:

E-Cigarette Lawsuits

There are thousands of e-cigarette users of all ages today – most of whom are using e-cigs based on the notion that they are healthy alternatives to tobacco. Unfortunately, e-cigarette technology uses many of the same carcinogenic ingredients found in traditional tobacco products.

In addition to the chemical risks, there have been instances of functional defects as well. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against large e-cig manufacturers for fires, explosions and other catastrophic malfunctions during use.

Many large manufacturers justify the use of e-cigs by the lack of available knowledge about the associated risks. However, the reality is that these products are causing sickness, physical injury, fatalities and other damages remediable through our justice system.

E-Cigarette FDA Regulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a regulatory crack-down on electronic cigarettes. The multibillion dollar industry has boomed over the last few years, enticing smokers, mainly teenage users, with a proclaimed convenient and healthier alternative to traditional tobacco products.

All of that, however, will finally be put to the test. The FDA will now examine and test an e-cigarette’s design and liquid nicotine content before that product is allowed to enter the marketplace. Though tobacco companies have two years to submit product information to the FDA, and another full year to wait while the agency reviews it, the new regulations are retroactive to 2007, which will include close to all e-cig products in circulation today. So changes may not be immediate, but they will be coming.

Injured by e-cigs? We’ll fight to get justice for you.

What to do if you have been injured by an electronic cigarette device:

If you’ve suffered injuries from electronic cigarettes, don’t let those responsible escape justice. The relentless attorneys at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood can help you attribute responsibility to the guilty parties and recover financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages incurred at the hand of electronic cigarettes.

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