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Personal Injury Lawyer Raleigh

What is personal injury?

Personal Injury relates to the losses, wrongs or damages that are caused by the negligent conduct, act or omission of a responsible party to another person. A personal injury can occur at work, in a car wreck, because of a defective product, an operating error, faulty repair, a medical mistake, a construction accident, a bicycle accident, a pedestrian accident, an ambulance wreck, a boating accident or many other scenarios. Personal Injury Laws protect and/or compensate for monetary, physical or psychological damages. However, the damages that are caused must occur due to the negligence or unreasonably unsafe actions or intentional actions of another. Personal Injury Law covers many different areas and situations which include workers compensation law, malpractice, wrongful death, birth injury, bodily injuries, catastrophic injuries and loss of enjoyment of life.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

How do you know if you have a personal injury case?

Many personal injury cases are based on the legal concept of negligence. First, you will need to figure out if you or your loved one suffered a personal injury to either you or your loved one’s body. If so, medical attention will be required and a doctor will need to determine if the personal health issues are serious injuries and treat those injuries with conservative medical treatment.  Next we consider if the injuries you suffered were due to someone else’s negligence. At the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood, our personal injury attorneys will meet with you in order to properly evaluate and discuss the specifics of the personal injury loss. Our personal injury attorneys will decide what is needed to win and whether we need to retain expert witnesses, private investigators or seek second opinions. At each point in the process, our team of personal injury staff members will explain what is needed, and will ensure you understand where we are in the process.

Traffic, distraction and a Holly Springs intersection

Susan Miller pulled over to the shoulder at Main Street and Ralph Stephens Road in Holly Springs and directed her phone’s camera at the intersection in front of her. Within mere seconds, she caught one driver after another running the newly installed two-way stop signs. Frankly, she wasn’t surprised. Miller had just been involved in… Read more »

Asbestos and Cancer: What You Need to Know

You’ve seen the commercials on TV—the ones with the melodramatic voice that boom, “If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you may be entitled to compensation!” Class-action lawsuits abound surrounding mesothelioma and asbestos exposure. And while the commercials look silly, the illness they’re talking about is far from a joke. Read… Read more »

A Spike In Hate Crimes Against Indian Americans

One night in Kansas… On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, at a bar in Kansas, two Indian men and one American man were shot during a racially motivated attack. One of the Indian men died of his wounds and the other two gentlemen were severely wounded. According to witnesses, the gunman yelled, “Get out of my… Read more »

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