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Greek Life Incident Lawyer Raleigh

Intended to create strong relationships and foster a sense of community between students, Greek Life organizations are considered a safe place for many students seeking a home away from home. Whether students are a member of the organization, or are visiting with friends who are members, most don’t instinctively question their safety when spending time at a fraternity or sorority. However, incidents of all types can occur at Greek Life activities, houses or related events.

Greek Life often gets a bad reputation for publicly acknowledged incidents, such as hazing, binge-drinking or sexual assault, but a variety of incidents occur in Greek Life situations across the United States all too often. From accidental falls to sexual assault cases to freak accidents that occur after overindulgence of alcohol or other impairing substances, Greek Life, and the lifestyle associated with it, can pose many risks to members and nonmembers alike.

Common claims that arise against Greek Life chapters, include:

When it comes to incidents that occur during Greek Life activities, the lines of fault are often blurry. Many times, Greek Life chapters are private from the associated university or college, limiting the protection that students may receive from campus police or security. When a nonmember faces personal injury at the fault of a fraternity or sorority, the situation may become further complicated. At the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood we recognize that no two Greek Life-related incidents are the same, and that a variety of factors can contribute to an accident.

Over the years, personal injury lawsuits against fraternities and sororities have become more and more common, but, according to an insightful article in The Atlantic are often complicated in determining who assumes the risks of students in the college life. At the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood we work with students and their families who believe they are victims of sexual assault, hazing or other personal injury incidents that occurred during a Greek Life event. We work closely with each and every one of our clients to gather all of the details of their case and ensure that they receive the rights they deserve.

Do you feel you have suffered personal injury while engaging in a Greek Life event on or off or your college campus in Cary, Raleigh or surrounding areas? Call on the experienced professionals at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood today. We will work with you to determine who is at fault and help you receive the compensation you deserve.