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Car Accident Attorney Raleigh

Car Accident

We at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood are your Triangle-area personal injury attorneys truly dedicated to providing you with the legal representation you deserve to maximize the compensation you’re entitled to when you’re involved in a car accident.

Injured in a car accident?

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you should be exploring your legal options – not only to seek justice if you are injured by another’s mistake; but you may not even fully understand the extent or even the existence of your injury. For example, did you know that seat belt trauma can take days to appear after a crash? If you’re experiencing any bleeding, weakness, difficulty breathing, stiffness or abdominal pain following your accident, you could have suffered a seat belt injury.

Why you should hire a lawyer

After an accident, it’s likely you are  in a vulnerable state and in need of an attorney with your best interests in mind. When your legal rights are in jeopardy, an attorney who wants the best for you is essential to being treated fairly and making sure the negligent party is held accountable.

car accident attorney RaleighI was in a very minor accident. Do I need a lawyer?

Some think hiring an attorney should only take place when more serious accidents occur. But the truth is, even in minor accidents hiring an attorney is in your best interest simply because you may be eligible for compensation you were not aware of. Minor accidents are also notorious for having harmful repercussions with the ability to stem well into the future if they are not dealt with. Injuries can develop weeks after an accident without any immediate symptoms.

What makes an ideal car accident attorney?

You need a knowledgeable attorney, well-versed in the law to save you time and headaches – who will educate you on your rights as a victim of an automobile accident and get you the maximum financial compensation. In addition to these issues, it’s important to remember if you have received Medicare treatment before a judgment in your favor they can create a legal lien to take back some of the money they have spent. These lien judgments are a stressful addition to car accident cases, and an attorney well-versed in lien law can be a great asset to have to ensure you get the money you deserve.

car accident RaleighWe understand your burden.

Victims without attorneys in their corner are bogged down with persistent medical bills, lost wages and insurance companies preying on their present emotional and psychological trauma. But when you hire us, we fight hard to ensure these uncertainties are the least of your worries to help you reclaim your life.

Speak with us today!

Every minute you spend worrying about your case is one you could spend recovering from the physical or emotional trauma of your accident. Don’t waste any more time, call the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood today.

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