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Business Partnership Dispute Lawyers

There are many sources and reasons why a business partnership dispute may arise: clashing egos, a new partner, declining revenues, arguments over profits and losses, the direction of where the business is headed or frankly, poorly written partnership agreements from the beginning.

Raleigh, North Carolina attorney, D. Hardison Wood  is familiar with partnership dispute resolution, in addition to negotiation and drafting of partnership documents. Mr. Wood can bring parties together to work out a new arrangement or protect client interests while hashing out the details of business dissolution.

The Law Office of D. Hardison Wood represents many groups within the Raleigh-Durham area in matters of business partnership disputes, including:

Resolving Disputes Among Partners

The attorneys at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood try to delve deeper and figure out the heart of the dispute. We determine what remedies exist, including mediation, or arbitration clauses in the partnership agreement. If all parties are open to resolution, the solution may be as simple as re-drafting an acceptable agreement.

Dissolution of Partnership

When the issues are too great, it may be time to dissolve the partnership. Mr. Wood makes sure his clients are treated fairly in division of assets and liabilities. Hardison Wood has the negotiation and trial experience to protect his client’s interest.

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