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Why Every North Carolina Business Needs a Cary Small Business Lawyer

Running a business is not always easy. There are plenty of issues that a business can face, especially if it is a small business. Unfortunately, some business owners hesitate to contact an attorney until an issue arises, but you do not want to wait until the sheriff is knocking on the door before you discuss your business with an attorney.

Hiring an attorney after a lawsuit has already been filed can be expensive, emotionally draining, and time consuming. While there may be costs associated with hiring an attorney to review your business practices, those fees are typically minor compared to the cost of litigation for a lawsuit. Involving an attorney at an early stage can help protect your assets and limit your business’s liability, saving you money in the long term.

The attorneys at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood strive to make the challenges of running a business easier and less stressful. We will do all the hard work, so you can focus on running your business.

What can a Business Attorney do for You?

For businesses that are just getting started, we can walk you through the process of deciding which type of corporation you should form. For already established businesses, as well as those just getting off the ground, we can help with any of the following:

  • Contract Drafting: If you need a contract drafted or assistance negotiating a contract, whether with an employee, supplier, or customer, it is important to have an attorney represent you. Attempting to write the contract yourself could result in laws being missed that could result in big trouble later.
  • Business Incorporation: This is a process that involves more than just a certificate and exchange of money. You are likely not familiar with all the legalities involved in incorporating a business, so let us walk you through it so there will not be any legal implications down the road.
  • Protection from Lawsuits: If you are hiring an attorney because you have already been sued, you may be too late. A good lawyer can help protect you from getting yourself into a lawsuit from the very beginning.
  • Mitigate Damages: If you are faced with a lawsuit, a small business attorney can help reduce the damages you may face during the lawsuit.
  • Federal and State Compliance: You probably already know that state and federal laws are different. When you have a business, especially if you deal across state lines or take your business overseas, there are certain regulations and rules that you must follow. Having an attorney can help you be certain that you are following all the necessary laws.
  • Employee Issues: Unfortunately, employee issues are common in the workplace. An experienced attorney can help facilitate the hiring process, draft agreements for contractors, administer workers’ compensation, and help you safely fire employees without repercussions.
  • Filing for Patents: If you come up with a new service or product, you need to file for a patent. Filing for one, however, can be expensive and time consuming. Without the assistance of an attorney, it can be hard to get approval in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Buying or Selling a Business: Purchasing or selling a business can be much more complex than buying or selling your house or car. Having a business contract lawyer write the agreements, permits, and licenses can be extremely helpful.
  • Business Structural Decisions: Whether you are seeking to restructure your current business or start a brand new one, you need a business organization lawyer to help you understand the tax obligations, liabilities, ongoing expenses, setup fees, and employee-related concerns. Getting it right from the start can save you from a variety of legal issues down the road.

What if My Business Has Already Been Sued?

Every business owner hopes it will never happen, but sometimes it still happens. Whether the lawsuit is filed by a client, employee, business, or vendor, a lawsuit is likely to cost your business a lot of money. It is completely normal to be anxious and overwhelmed, and the Cary small business lawyers at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood can handle every step of the process to help your business maintain its reputation and remain intact. The following steps will help you get your business back up on its feet if you are facing a lawsuit.

  • Consult with an Attorney: As soon as you receive the lawsuit documents, you need to review them carefully with a business contract lawyer. Do not speak directly with the person or entity that is suing your business. Anything you say to them could be used against you. Communications with the plaintiff should always be made through your attorney.
  • Inform Your Insurance Company of the Lawsuit: Many insurance policies for businesses cover the business in the event of a lawsuit. If the lawsuit is covered by your insurance, they may pay for attorney fees, any settlement or judgement that you are found liable for, and court costs.
  • Respond to the Complaint: When you receive a lawsuit, there is typically a deadline to submit a response to the complaint. This deadline is typically 30 days. This makes it imperative that you speak to a Cary small business lawyer as soon as possible after receiving the complaint documents. Do not ever ignore the lawsuit in hopes that it will go away.
  • Find an Attorney if You do Not Already Have One: If you are one of the business owners who did not hire an attorney to represent you when you first started your business, you will now need to find one to represent your case. You will need to find a business attorney who is familiar with your type of lawsuit and can defend you appropriately in court.

If you are facing a lawsuit, is important to be diligent and prompt in discussing the case with your attorney. Do not try to cover anything up. Always be honest with your attorney because all the facts will come out eventually. Stay focused on your business and hold your head high. Remain calm and continue working on your business and let your attorney handle the case for you.

Contact a Cary Small Business Attorney

As a business owner, you hope that everything will run smoothly and that you will never have to worry about a lawsuit. Unfortunately, we live in a society in which things do not always work that way. Mistakes happen, and issues come up. Eventually it is likely that you will need an attorney. Having a business lawyer from the start can help prevent these issues from happening and help protect you if they do arise. The attorneys at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood have the experience to represent your business and give you peace of mind. Contact us today for a consultation at our convenient Cary location.

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