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Workplace Injury Rose in 2010

The State Department of Labor released new statistics. In 2010, 48 people died on the job which is higher than the number of deaths in 2009 which was 34. According to WRAL Labor Commissioner, Cherie Berie, said in a statement, “We’ll redouble our efforts and work even harder to prevent these accidents from happening, and we’ll call on employers and employees across the state to recommit themselves to workplace safety and health in 2011.”

Work injuries can include but are not limited to being struck by a vehicle, injury with machinery, falls or other crushing injuries. OSHA has standards and guidelines that are to be followed in order to prevent injuries especially falls.

Often times those who are injured on the job are afraid to bring a worker’s compensation claim because they are worried about losing their job, especially in a weakened economy. You should know your legal rights – if you have suffered an injury while at work contact Law Office of D. Hardison Wood at 919.233.0520 to discuss your matter.

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