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Worker’s Comp Tips

A common issue in worker’s comp claims is what kind of communication the insurance company can have with your doctor.  If there is a nurse case manager who comes to your appointment, they are generally only allowed to talk to your doctor while you are present.  We always advise that you be in the room when the nurse case manager wants to talk with them. You want to know everything that the case manager wants to discuss with your care provider and whether the doctor is considering any work restrictions. If there is no nurse case manager, the adjuster is very limited in the ways they can communicate with your doctor.  If your adjuster is calling your doctor or writing letters to him/her without your permission, you should contact a lawyer right away.

In addition, be sure to carefully read any forms given to you by the insurance adjuster. You need to be mindful of how they may try to communicate with your doctor without you present, and the ways they may try to get private information released with your signature on certain forms. In any event, it is important to remember who is paying the nurse case manager – the worker’s comp insurance company.

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