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Vehicle Fires and the Risks to First Responders

Every 134 seconds there is a vehicle fire in the United States (See NFPA). Everyday, first responders are on the scene of these dangerous fires, fearlessly putting their lives on the line to protect the safety of their fellow citizens.

Often times, a vehicle fire may seem like no big deal to seasoned police and fire crews. However, these fires are known for unexpected explosions and flying debris, making them extremely unpredictable. No matter how experienced a first responder might be, he or she should never take the scene of any emergency response lightly.

We can see here the serious consequences of what could happen if too little precaution is taken in the case of vehicle fires: Vehicle Fires.

In this video, and it’s connecting article, it becomes clear that this and accidents like this can certainly be prevented. Unfortunately, as the article points out, “firefighters are getting hurt as a result of aggressive attacks on car fires without full protection and with a sense of complacency”. Fires of any kind are dangerous and should be taken seriously regardless of their size, location, or seemingly insignificant nature.

A few main factors any first responder should be aware of as they prepare to attack a vehicle on fire can be found at the end of the article cited here as well as in the following:

Under North Carolina law, if you have been seriously injured while fighting a vehicle fire on the job, you could be entitled to Worker’s Compensation. If a manufacturing defect or design flaw was to blame for the fire, you may also have a third party claim against vehicle’s manufacturer. Please feel free to contact the law offices of D. Hardison Wood at 1-877-829-7211 about your potential case today.

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