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Unfair Practices and Bad Faith

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have a duty to their insured to investigate claims where property is damaged and bodily injury has occurred and pay out accordingly. When the insurance company fails to do so, and does not act in the best interest of its insured, bad faith has occurred. Bad faith can also occur if an insurance company fails to pay on a settlement or if they decide not to defend an insured in a lawsuit. The insured can then sue his/her insurance company. Further, if a defendant sues for bad faith, the plaintiff can possibly recover amounts larger than the original policy limits should the courts decide.

Bad faith claims can arise with all types of insurance, home owners, health insurance, but the most common is in auto accidents and auto insurance coverage.

Some examples of unfair practices by the insurance companies include, delaying an investigation, failing to pay to when liability is clear, misrepresenting the policy provisions.

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