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Toys, Safety and the Holidays

As the holidays approach a new report, as published by the CPSC, states toy recalls are declining however toy injuries are on the increase.

While recalls and deaths have declined, new statistics from CPSC released today show that toy-related injuries are increasing. In 2009, there were an estimated 186,000 emergency room-treated injuries related to toys with children younger than 15, which is up from 152,000 injuries in 2005. Frequently these injuries involved lacerations, contusions, and abrasions that most often occurred to a child’s face and head. Importantly many of the incidents were associated with, but not necessarily caused by, a toy.

Children receive personal injuries from many different sources, it is not just limited to toys. However, a new focus has been placed on toys with hundreds of catalogs arriving in the mail and parents starting to do their holiday shopping, the CPSC has published a few safety tips in an effort to try to limit the child injuries. Some of those include:

Here are some additional safety steps that consumers can take while shopping this holiday season:

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