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Three Construction Workers Injured in NC State Accident

Three construction workers fell from a platform they were standing on while working on the Talley Student Center at NC State University's campus and were injured on Wednesday afternoon, according to police.

The three workers were standing on the 8-foot platform helping a crane lift a steel beam into place when the platform gave out beneath them, sending the workers about 8 feet to the ground, according to a campus spokesperson. The spokesperson said that all three of the workers were taken to WakeMed where they are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. One worker is suffering from an injured back, one an injured leg and the other a head injury.

The Occupational Safety Health Administration will be investigating the incident, which is the first accident that has occurred on this project since breaking ground in 2011, according to Rogers Buildings, the Charlotte-based group heading up the expansion efforts. Despite the Talley Student Center being a place of heavy student traffic, no students were in any danger at the time of the accident, school officials say.

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