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Thanksgiving – What Could Go Wrong?

Well folks, it’s hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is just a few days away. Get ready for extravagant meals, good company and a much needed pause on the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

But as your mouth waters for that annual Thanksgiving meal, it’s important to be reminded of the many risks associated with this time of year. From spikes in holiday travel to increased alcohol consumption, it’s no surprise that Thanksgiving brings its fair share of danger.

That’s why the personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood compiled this list to help you and your family stay safe and enjoy turkey day to the fullest!

Car Accidents

Like most holidays, Thanksgiving season sparks an increase in both travel and alcohol consumption. Whether it’s driving cross-country or simply heading home from a friend’s house at the end of the night, drivers will be on the road, and statistics show that over 30% of them will have been drinking.

Drinking and driving is a deadly combination, but even more so during the holidays. Not only will people consume alcohol on Thanksgiving Day, but the Wednesday night before is one of the most popular drinking nights of the year. So be sure to utilize designated drivers, uber, taxis and anything else that keeps you and family members from getting behind the wheel after consumption.

Kitchen Accidents

Drinking and driving is a huge risk to take on the roads during the holidays, but you shouldn’t discount the risks right inside your own home. Many people spend the better part of Thanksgiving Day in the kitchen, so it’s critical to appreciate the dangers that exist. From hot stovetops to sharp utensils, the kitchen is a minefield of hazards to be taken seriously.

Keep yourself and your family safe this Thanksgiving by keeping children away from hot stovetops and running ovens. Do not leave any stovetop unattended, and wear oven mitts when handling anything hot. Remember to place sharp utensils far away from countertop edges while in use, and in the sink or dishwasher immediately once you're finished. Should you or a family member cut themselves, cover the wound immediately and apply pressure.

Health Emergencies

For many, the best part of Thanksgiving is the food. Juicy turkey, rich stuffing, potatoes – the works! But just because the turkey and gravy satisfies your taste buds does not mean it can't cause problems internally. Here are a few reasons why the most popular Thanksgiving foods can put your health at risk:

  1. Heart Problems – Fatty foods high in sodium can affect blood flow and put tremendous pressure on your heart. In fact, researchers for the Circulation Journal found a 33% increase in deaths related to coronary disease during the wintertime compared to summertime. They attribute this rise in part to the amount of fatty, sodium-packed foods consumed in November and December during the holidays.
  1. Alcohol Poisoning – As we discussed earlier, alcohol consumption spikes during Thanksgiving. The Wednesday night before is a popular night to go out with old friends, and Thanksgiving is usually accompanied by wine and spirits. Consuming too much alcohol can intoxicate your blood and result in vomiting, unconsciousness and even death. So make sure you and your friends drink responsibly!
  1. Food Poisoning – With so many dishes to prepare on Thanksgiving day, it’s easy to undercook. Remember to start cooking early in the day to ensure everything gets enough time in the oven and to avoid rushing when it’s time to eat! Also be sure to defrost the turkey properly. The general rule is 24 hours of thawing in a fridge set to 40ºF for every 5 pounds of turkey. More important is fully cooking the turkey. The interior temperature should reach 165ºF before taking it out.

Stay Safe and Give Thanks This Thanksgiving!

Follow the tips above and you’re sure to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. If you have questions about Thanksgiving safety, contact the personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood today. Happy Thanksgiving!

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