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Summer Party Activities You Could Get Sued For

Summer is the time to let loose and have some fun outdoors.  However, with fun comes responsibility.  You may decide to throw a party this summer, but be aware of the potential lawsuits that can arise.  Here are some activities that could turn your summer gathering upside down.

Grilling May Set More Than One Thing On Fire 

Neighbors, friends and family love to whip out the grill during the summer, who doesn’t?  Although it may be a great time to socialize, 16,000 injuries occur each year and many end up in ugly lawsuits.  Make sure you have a supervisor at the party to ensure children stay away from the hot grill.  Also watch for proper lighting techniques, as your summer party could go up in flames.

An Open Bar May Open A Lawsuit

Serve too much alcohol at that grilling party?  Well guess what, you are liable.  If your guests are drinking too much alcohol and drive home or get into an accident, you are responsible for their injuries.  This potential lawsuit is currently active in 30 states.

Diving And Jumping Disasters

Everyone knows that a party is ten times better if it has a pool.  Pool injuries however are the 5th highest cause of unintentional deaths.  Be careful and remove any glass from the pool area, put signs up and close off the diving board.  Having a supervisor is also a safe way to guarantee no one gets hurt.   Another activity that is hazardous is jumping on trampolines, especially if more than 2 people are on it.  Most of the time, peoples homeowners insurance does not cover trampoline injuries.  Therefore, any person who has an accident can sue and make a dent in your wallet.

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