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How Safe Are School Buses?

Is Your Child Really Safe on the School Bus?

Call it naiveté, or perhaps simple trust in the majority of people, but there are some things in life that one just expects to be safe. For many, sending their child off to school in a school bus, one of the most widely used methods of public transportation, is one of them. But just how safe are school buses, really?

It's been a big week for school-bus related news in North Carolina — and not in a good way. In the wake of newly-released information regarding several school bus-related incidents, parents, teachers and decision-makers in Raleigh and surrounding towns may be questioning how safely school bus drivers drive.

This week a Wake County Public School System bus driver was suspended after receiving an off-duty DWI. Though the driver wasn't on duty when he was charged with the crime, it does raise concerns about the credibility of the school system's drivers.

Perhaps most alarmingly, on Thursday, approximately 31 miles away in Louisburg, NC a Franklin County school bus driver was charged with a DWI while driving 40 students to Terrell Lane Middle School, WRAL reported. Fortunately no students were harmed as a result of the driver's misconduct, but driving under the influence of alcohol demonstrates a high level of irresponsibility and recklessness in the driver. Not to mention, it presents severe risk to the children riding the bus.

And lastly, this week WRAL Investigates uncovered citations from dozens of Wake County Public School System buses running red lights. The news station found that dozens of buses had run red lights over the past year, some of them crossing the intersections as late as four seconds after the light turned red. This data did not even take into consideration the many stoplights in Raleigh and surrounding Wake County areas that are not equipped with red light cameras. In fact, only 15 intersections in Raleigh have red light cameras.

What Does this Say About School Bus Safety?

When incidents like this occur so often in such a small period of time, it can certainly raise questions in the community. It may call for North Carolina School Systems to take a step back and reevaluate their processes before they face scrutiny from parents and other members of the community.

At the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood in Cary, NC, we believe that parents should feel safe and comfortable sending their children off to school. If you have concerns about your child's safety at school or on the school bus, feel free to call on the experienced professionals at our office. We are happy to help you!

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