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Raleigh Construction Accident Kills One Person

Another Raleigh construction accident, the second in less than 24 hours, left one person dead late Thursday morning. The accident occurred at an apartment complex construction site near Louisburg and Spring Forest Roads in North Raleigh.

Reports say the man, a worker at the site, fell five stories from the site's scaffolding. No further details have been provided about the accident, but the North Carolina Department of Labor has been called in to investigate the case. Because the accident occurred at the man's worksite, the Department of Labor must look into the site's conditions.

This is the second construction accident to occur in Raleigh since Wednesday, though the first to cause a fatality. The first accident happened Wednesday afternoon when three workers sustained non-life-threatening injuries while working on a building renovation at N.C. State's campus.

Certain types of worksites, especially construction sites, can be extremely dangerous. If you work in a high-risk environment, it is important to ensure that extra safety measures are taken, and that your site maintains safe working conditions. If you, or a loved one, is injured or killed on the job it is important to know your rights. Worker's compensation laws are designed to ensure that:

It is always sad to see accidents like this occur, which is why we encourage all those who work in potentially hazardous environments to practice extreme caution at all times. Should you become injured on the job and are unsure of where to go next, contact one of the attorneys at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood. We want to help make sure you get the rights that you deserve when you, or your loved one, is injured on the job.



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