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Pedestrians vs. Car Accidents

With the return of Fall and the daylight savings time ending this weekend, it gets darker earlier. We began thinking about pedestrian safety. There are more than 2,000 police reported accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles in North Carolina, including Raleigh, Cary and surrounding areas, each year. There are between 150 and 200 fatalities, and approximately 200-300 are seriously injured.

Based on crash data found here, in 2008, 2,519 pedestrians were involved in pedestrian versus car accidents in North Carolina. 53 of those were struck at an estimated speed of between 60-75 miles per hour. In Raleigh, for the same year, 183 pedestrians were struck and hit by a car. 22 of those occurred while the driver was attempting to back out of a parking lot and 9 were when the motorist failed to yield to the pedestrian. In Cary, 37 pedestrians were hit by a car in 2008.

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