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What are the Passengers’ Rights After a Car Accident?

If you are driving and are involved in a car accident, you likely know what to do. First, call the police, then your insurance agent, and ensure that you have the insurance information of other individuals involved. But what if you are a passenger, not a driver, of a vehicle in a crash? The repercussions… Read more »

How is Damage Assessed After a Car Accident?

North Carolina car accidents resulted in more than 1,400 deaths in 2017, but even more drivers and passengers were injured. Although far from the most dangerous state to drive in, North Carolina drivers should exercise caution to avoid accidents. Assessing the Damage Insurance companies follow certain formulas and processes for determining damages after an accident,… Read more »

3M Company Agrees to $9.1 Settlement for Defective Military Earplugs

The 3M Company, a well-known manufacturer, recently settled claims filed by the U.S. Military over issues with their specially-designed earplugs that were used by troops in the field. There were two types of earplugs sold — a single-ended version and double-ended version. It was the dual-ended version that was deemed faulty and allegedly sold to… Read more »

The Legal Right to Access the Internet with Braille

NC ADA Accessible Attorneys January is Braille Literacy Month in commemoration of Louis Braille, who created the Braille code on January 4, 1809. Braille developed into two forms, or grades. Grade 1 Braille uses a six-celled symbol to represent each letter of the alphabet. Grade 2 Braille uses these symbols to represent common contractions—such as… Read more »

Is Talcum Powder the Cause of Your Ovarian Cancer?

Talcum Powder Injury Lawsuits Talcum powder is found in a variety of products such as cosmetics, baby powder, feminine products, and more. While this common product is regularly found in households throughout the U.S., it has been found to put women at an increased risk of ovarian cancer. This household product is a clay-like mineral… Read more »

Six Tips for Forming a Solid Business Partnership Agreement

Starting a business can be overwhelming to say the least, but when you are setting up a business with a partner, there are additional things to take into consideration. A partnership is when at least two people run and own a business together. Each partner will own a part of the liabilities and assets of… Read more »

Who Can File an Amicus Brief

An amicus brief is a legal document that can be filed in an appellate court case by people who are not litigants in the case but have an interest in the case or subject matter. These briefs provide details to the court that may be relevant or additional information or arguments that the court may… Read more »

Settling Business Disputes

No matter how careful you are conducting your day-to-day business, most companies end up facing some type of legal dispute. These types of disputes are almost unavoidable, even with good contracts in place. While contract disputes are relatively common, so are other types of business disputes. Take Action to Protect Your Bottom Line At the… Read more »

D. Hardison Wood Submits Amicus Brief for a Supreme Court Appeal

Cary Attorney D. Hardison Wood was asked to draft an Amicus Brief for a Supreme Court Appeal. Read about his success below: The North Carolina Supreme Court ruled in Vaughan v. Mashburn  that plaintiff’s may now amend a deficient Rule 9(j) where they have substantively complied with the Rule prior to filing the original complaint…. Read more »

What You Need to Know About Settling a Car Accident Claim

When it comes to evaluating and settling a car accident claim, most of the major car insurance companies handle them in roughly the same way. They start by examining the facts of the accident (who caused the accident and how it happened), and then review the injuries (how serious they were, medical treatment received, and… Read more »