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The Physiology of Motorcycle Safety

What does fitness have to do with motorcycle safety?

It’s a valid question – one that you probably asked as you read the title. I mean, are there really any physical demands of riding a bike? You’re just sitting there, right?

Well, unlike driving a car, controlling a motorcycle requires your entire body. Riders need focus, control, energy, core strength and grip strength to safely and comfortably maneuver the bike.

4 safety benefits of physical fitness

But how do qualities like a strong core and laser focus translate to safe riding? We’re glad you asked! Here are the key reasons why fitness can keep you safe on two wheels:

  1. Acute Focus – Regular exercise boosts cognitive function and can help you maintain your focus and awareness, particularly on long distance rides.
  2. Balanced Posture – Routine core workouts can situate your shoulders and elongate your spine for a sturdier, healthier posture. This will help keep you and your bike upright and balanced while riding.
  3. Confident Grip – A strong upper body gives you more control over the motorcycle and makes for a smoother ride all around.
  4. Reaction Time – A quality workout regimen keeps your muscles active and boosts your response time. You’ll maintain sharper reflexes for quicker reactions in dangerous situations.

Check out our Infographic!

The benefits of regular exercise translate into many aspects of life. However, the benefit for general motor skills is one that’s often taken for granted. That’s why we created this infographic to help riders recognize and appreciate the correlation between fitness and motorcycle safety. Check it out below!


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