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Liability Only vs. Full Coverage Insurance

So what is the big difference between liability only and full coverage insurance? Each state mandates their own minimum insurance that a driver must carry. In North Carolina the minimum is $30,000/$60,000 for bodily injury. This means a maximum of $30,000 for bodily injuries per person per occurrence with a total of $60,000 for all injuries sustained in the occurrence.  The minimum for property damage is $25,000. Liability only insurance essentially just covers the damage that you cause other people and for which you are at fault. It does not cover any damages you sustain. Full coverage is comprehensive and collision coverage on top of the liability coverage. This is the type of insurance that covers you as well.

Time and time again when our clients have been involved in a car accident in which they were not at fault and the adverse insurance company asks for money for the rental car while theirs is being fixed or their car is being totaled out. Why? If you only have liability insurance on your car, the rental car company, such as Enterprise or Hertz which is supplying the rental, requires their vehicles be fully insured. Again, since you only had liability coverage at the time of the accident, the adverse insurance can charge you the difference in order to purchase the full coverage to cover the rental in case of another accident.

Often times liability only coverage is cheaper, and you are the only one who can best judge what the best policy is for you and your family. However, if you are injured and the accident was not your fault, have someone look out for you and the best recovery possible. Call the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood today to see how we may assist you.

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