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The Law Office of D. Hardison Wood is experienced in all types of legal matters, from motor vehicle accidents to misconduct, assault and bodily injury. The ABC11 News story below features a current case where a Hardison Wood attorney represented a man who was accused of assaulting a police officer after dropping off his cancer-stricken wife at the hospital. The man did have alcohol in his system and was speeding, but after dropping off his wife he attempted to comply with the police officer’s request to see his driver’s license. The police officer claimed the 66-year-old man assaulted him while pulling out his license, and subsequently dislocated the civilian’s elbow while putting him under arrest.



“We think the evidence and the video tape shows there was never any contact,” said Hardison Wood attorney Adam Smith. “If there was, it was not an assault, it was him brushing his elbow against the officer.”

The civilian’s charges of DWI and assault on a law enforcement officer were dropped, and he is now filing a civil suit because of his rough arrest and dislocated elbow.

“This is one that the public really needs to know about, because if this is a situation that the state of North Carolina doesn’t say is unacceptable then what is?” said Smith. “If they had turned around and said ‘you know what, in the line of duty sometimes you make mistakes and we made a mistake, we’re sorry,’ this case never would have been filed.”

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