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How Fatal Work Accidents are Investigated

An accident investigation is defined as the technique used for the in-depth analysis of an accident at work in order to know the development of events and determine why it happened. An extensive workplace accident investigation can help your attorney determine what might have caused your accident and who may be at fault.

What is Involved in Accident Investigation?

There are two types of objectives when investigating an accident. These include the following:



Training for the investigation of the causes of occupational accidents promotes a culture of prevention. It serves to eradicate the concept of unsafe acts as a determining cause of accidents.

Which Accidents Need to be Investigated?

In principle, all accidents should be investigated since it is a legal obligation established for the employer. However, it is not too logical to bureaucratize prevention and investigate everything with the same intensity.

The ILO (International Labor Organization) considers certain types of accidents to be the most important for investigations. Those accidents that need to be investigated include the following: 

What Happens if an Accident or Incident is Not Investigated?

If an accident or incident is not investigated, you lose a lot of information and many possibilities for preventative activities. On the other hand, a legal obligation established for the employer is breached, both in the case of accidents and in the case of incidents. This business breach is a violation classified as serious.

Who Should Investigate?

There is no general rule for who should investigate a workplace accident because this varies according to the type and structure of the company. However, lines and specialized research methods are applied.

Line investigation: The person directly responsible for the section where the incident or accident occurs is the one who should develop the line investigation because he or she:

If difficulties arise in identifying the causes or designing the measures, the person in charge will coordinate the advice and cooperation of specialist technicians.

Specialized investigation: This should be carried out in special or complex cases such as the following:

The purpose of the investigation is to identify the causes of the accident. Since these causes are generally multiple, diverse, and interrelated, it is necessary to carry out an exhaustive causal analysis in order to obtain the most complete information. This should be carried out by a team made up of the prevention technician, the person directly responsible for the area and related workers, with technical advice from specialists.

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