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Holiday Distractions Create Holiday Accidents

We all know that house down the block with all the Christmas lights; You know – the one you glance at every time you go by? While we’re sure those lights are dazzling and spectacular, they tend to distract drivers and pedestrians from the myriad hazards in the vicinity, raising the risk of an accident tenfold.

Distractions like holiday lights are just one reason why the holidays can be more dangerous than any other time of year. But lights aren’t the only factor that distracts us from being safe.

Common Holiday Distractions

To help you remain vigilant and cautious this holiday season, the personal injury experts at the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood put together this list of the most common holiday distractions that pose a risk to your well-being. Read them below!

  1. Alcohol – This is nothing new. Alcohol consumption increases during the holidays, thus playing even more of a factor in roadway safety. There are more intoxicated drivers on the road during the holidays, so stay alert and sober behind the wheel!
  1. Food – We’re not only talking about cooking hazards. Though the kitchen can be dangerous around the holidays, bringing that food to parties and dinners can be just as risky. Driving while trying to keep your famous casserole from sliding off the seat is a distraction that almost all of us have experience with. So, try to have a friend hold your dish while your drive. But if you must go solo, make sure you secure the dish properly before hitting the road!
  1. Decorations – Holiday decorations are festive and beautiful (in most cases). However, they can in fact be a distraction to passing drivers. Many people slow down to look at the wonderful lights and take their eyes off the road. This is dangerous for obvious reasons. So if you see one of those scintillating holiday displays, pull off to the side of the road and observe!
  1. Carolling – Even if carolling isn’t your cup of tea, carollers are still out and about during the holiday season. Slow down if you see a large group while driving! But even more common is the distracting holiday music that comes once a year. Go ahead and sing as loud as you want on the way home from work, but make sure you pay attention to the road and the cars around you!

Be Safe And Be Merry This Holiday Season!

Be aware of the distractions above and take the proper measures to avoid the risks that they create. We hope that everyone has a joyful holiday season with friends and family, but we urge you to contact us over the holidays if you need to speak with an attorney. We are here for you!

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