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Demonstration of Negligence in Sport Injury Case

In 2008, Rhett Ridolfi sustained a head injury while playing high school football, leaving him paralyzed on the left side of his body. Ridolfi and his family sued Riddell, the largest helmet manufacturer in the US, and his coaches because he was not immediately taken to the hospital after the concussion.

The company was ordered to pay several million dollars in damages to Ridolfi.  This award is  considered a rare victory for those injured while wearing football helmets.  According to the verdict, Riddell is responsible for $3.1 million, or 27 percent of $11.5 million in damages that were awarded to Rhett Ridolfi, who sustained a head injury and was paralyzed on the left side of his body during a football drill in 2008. Many personal injury cases are based on the legal concept of negligence, harm caused by carelessness that is not intentional.

Several of Ridolfi’s coaches were also found to be negligent, but will not have to pay damages. These kind of cases are increasing throughout the the country. A similar case is set to begin in Los Angeles in a few weeks. The Law Office of Hardison Wood understand the need to secure evidence to help jurors understand better who is at fault a sport related accident.

There are many types of demonstrative evidence that provide rewarding results similar to the case in Colorado.

How We Use Evidence to Win Sports Accident Cases

From the beginning of a case, we consider the types of "demonstrative evidence" that will tie together important pieces of evidence and help a jury understand your case:

The next time you find yourself signing a waiver form for another fun sporting activity remember to be safe and to always be aware of the conduct of those participating around you.

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