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Defensive Driving

The NC DMV Driving Manual refers to two types of necessary skills while driving; 1)skills which enable the driver to avoid a crash in spite of errors by another and 2) basic skills and knowledge of turning, passing, backing and parking the vehicle. The North Carolina DMV manual states drivers should try to do the following:

To read all the tips for defensive driving and the rest of the NC Driving Manual click here.

By driving defensively you may be able to avoid an accident. However, at times it is simply impossible. And through no fault of yours, you or a loved one are injured in a car accident. It can happen anywhere at any time; on the highways of NC to the city streets of Raleigh or Durham, to the side streets of Cary, Apex, or Morrisville. If you have been a victim of personal injury due to negligence of another and would like to discuss your legal options, contact the Cary based, Law Office of D. Hardison Wood at 919.233.0520 to discuss your options.

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