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Child Safety Series Part 1: Hardison Wood Stands Up For Child Safety & Protection Month

November is Child Safety & Protection month, and there’s no better time to put children first than during the season of Thanks! But we don’t only protect children during the month of November; we also protect them because of the countless threats and hazards that tempt their curiosity every day.

To help adults better protect their children, The Law Offices of D. Hardison Wood presents our Child Safety Series. Over the next three weeks, we’ll be focusing on a variety of relevant child safety topics for adults. And as the holidays approach, we hope to inform and prepare you for whatever the season brings.

4 ways to childproof your home this Thanksgiving

While spending time with loved ones is sacred during the holidays, it’s important to remember the many hazards around the home that put children at risk. Whether you have kids of your own or are hosting a family with children, childproofing your house is critical to keep them safe. So to help you host the best Thanksgiving yet, we’ve provided 4 essential child safety tips below!

  1. Keep children out of the kitchen. Thanksgiving kitchens are typically crowded and riddled with piping hot dishes and sharp utensils, all of which are dangerous for children. To prevent injury, keep children away from the kitchen until all cookware is put away and your meal is ready to be served.
  2. Put up safety gates. Install safety gates to block off certain rooms in your home and protect children from harm. Gates should also block the top and bottom of your stairwells. This way you can prevent curious children from an around-the-house injury.
  3. Food allergies? Keep your child close by. Depending on their age, it’s a good idea to keep children close by during your Thanksgiving meal to make sure they don’t consume any allergens. You’ll also be able to keep harmful foods out of their vicinity.
  4. Invest in child locks. All cabinets, doors, drawers, etc. within a child’s reach should be secured with child locks. This measure can prevent a child from consuming any harmful cleaning products and reduce risk of injury from other household products.

Learn more about child safety this month!

The Law Office of D. Hardison Wood is committed to child safety, and we’re here to help you protect them this holiday season. However, if you have or know a child who’s been injured, contact our compassionate attorneys today.

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