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How is Damage Assessed After a Car Accident?

North Carolina car accidents resulted in more than 1,400 deaths in 2017, but even more drivers and passengers were injured. Although far from the most dangerous state to drive in, North Carolina drivers should exercise caution to avoid accidents. Assessing the Damage Insurance companies follow certain formulas and processes for determining damages after an accident,… Read more »

Toyota Instructs Car Dealers to Cease Sales on Six Popular Models

Toyota has ordered North American car dealers to cease sales of six popular Toyota models with heated seats. The stop-sale order comes as a result of safety concerns regarding the soft material used beneath the seat covers. The fabric, which doesn’t meet flammability standards, is not manufactured to withstand flames at a certain rate. The… Read more »

Help Keep Children Safe On the Road

An alarming statistic from the National Highway Transit Safety Association: In 2011, each day, close to two children under the age of 13 were killed and 338 were injured as a result of motor vehicle crashes. That’s a huge number. And of those who died, more than a third were either not wearing seat belts… Read more »

Kids and Car Seats

Kids and Car Seats – Recommendations Change The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have both issued separate statements which are consistent with the message that a child is safest in a car while riding rear facing until the age of 2. This recommendation is a change from the previous… Read more »

Child Passenger Safety

The Museum of Life and Science in Durham, North Carolina is focusing on child passenger safety. This coming Wednesday they will host an event which discusses the proper use of car seats and the importance of using seat belts. The museum, Safe Kids North Carolina and the Governor’s Highway Safety Patrol are teaming up for… Read more »