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Are Motorcycles As Dangerous As You Think?

A Deeper Look Into Motorcycle Safety in 2015

In honor of May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, we think it fitting to delve deeper into the safety of riding a motorcycle. But with recent crashes throughout North Carolina, and our firsthand experience with motorcycle crash victims and families, the question above seems ludicrous, right?

Perhaps. However, despite the recent motorcycle fatalities in the news and the public’s skepticality of their safety, there is data suggesting that motorcycles are becoming safer. That trend, along with various other perceptions, have spawned the question: Are motorcycles really as dangerous as you think?

Cars vs. Motorcycles

There is voluminous evidence that proves motorcycles are still dangerous modes of transportation. Following numerous recent fatalities here in North Carolina and elsewhere, that sentiment is even more customary. Furthermore, it doesn’t take an engineer to notice the weaknesses in motorcycles’ safety; it’s obvious that 2 wheels are less stable than 4; it’s logical that they have less traction; and motorcycles certainly have less protection from the elements.

Some suggest, on top of all of this, that riding motorcycles is even more dangerous because of their scarcity on the road, making other drivers less expecting and thus less aware of them. Whatever one’s motivation for caution when riding or driving proximate to motorcycles, it is clear that there are factors that make sharing the road with them risky, to say the least.

Motorcycles are getting safer

Despite these obvious warning signs, statistics show that motorcycles are, in fact, getting safer. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration report released this past March that detailed 2013 motor vehicle crashes, motorcycle fatalities totaled 4,668 - a 6.4% decrease from 4,986 deaths in 2012. The study also placed the total number of motorcycle injuries in 2013 at 88,000, compared to 93,000 in 2012.

With this data, you can certainly peg 2012-2013 as a better year for motorcyclists. We’ll have to wait and see what the data from 2014 and 2015 will show, but it’s clear, although they remain a more dangerous alternative to cars, that motorcycles are getting safer.

So what’s the takeaway?

It is important to remember that while the NHTSA report shines a positive light on the future of motorcycling, anyone in any vehicle on the road is susceptible to an accident. And while motorcycles are getting safer, the danger inherent in a 2-wheel vehicle is pronounced. At the Law Offices of D. Hardison Wood, we know all too well the gruesome physical and emotional aftermath of motorcycle accidents, and we want to protect you and your family. If you or your loved ones have suffered a motorcycle accident, contact the Law Offices of D. Hardison Wood today, and let us secure the compensation you deserve.

For more 2013 motorcycle data and more resources, visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety motorcycle fatality facts page or download the 2015 North Carolina Motorcycle Manual.

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