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Acura Recalls 2014 & 2015 Models

Attention All Acura Owners!

If you own an Acura MDX SUV or a RLX Sedan, listen up!

Acura has recalled both 2014 and 2015 models due to the potential for the automatic emergency braking systems to malfunction during operation, making vehicles susceptible to collision.

The “Collision Mitigation Braking System” in each model relies on radar to scan the front radius of the vehicle–determining when the vehicle may hit an object and automatically engaging the brakes to reduce damage and injury.

However, a Japan crash in November of 2013 was attributed to an MBS malfunction, in which an Acura MDX SUV braked for no reason and caused a rear-end accident.

A similar incident from June of last year revealed concrete weaknesses to the MBS braking software, prompting Honda, owner of Acura, to initiate the universal recall and offer free system software updates to all applicable Acura models.

The next step

Despite the innovation behind the automatic braking mechanism, Acura’s worldwide recall reminds us that even the most cutting-edge safety technology is perfected through trial and error.

Even the Airbag endured a sketchy infancy that required minor adjustments and improvements–but countless lives have been saved because of it since.

While there have not been any warranty claims or incidents in the U.S., it is important for Acura owners and drivers everywhere to be hyper-vigilant of how your vehicle is performing. If your vehicle requires maintenance, do so promptly. If you suspect any operational issues, have your vehicle inspected.

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