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7-Year-Old Boy in Florida Electrocuted by Pool Light

A 7-year-old boy from North Miami died after being electrocuted by an improperly wired light in his family's backyard pool, a Florida news outlet reported.

Calder Sloan jumped into the water to race a family friend across the pool — toward the end with the faulty light. His friend exited the pool shortly after jumping in when he felt a tingle upon hitting the water, but Sloan continued to swim toward the light. At some point he experienced the shock from the electrocution and fell into a state of unconsciousness.

As a son of the nanny who was watching the children at the time pulled Sloan out of the water, a neighbor who heard the commotion ran over to start CPR. Unfortunately, efforts to save Sloan failed. The neighbor told news sources that he experienced jolts of electricity from the water while performing CPR.

An electrical contractor inspected the pool after the incident and found that the light was improperly wired, sending 120 volts of underground electricity to the light instead of the usual 12 volts. The strength of the electrical current appeared to have caused steel casing around the light to corrode quickly, providing an opportunity for water to seep in. While the wiring was incorrect on the light, several experts reported to a news station in Florida that the corrosion around the light could have also been caused by the natural salty environment of Miami. A chief electrical inspector from a city nearby encouraged pool owners to routinely check their equipment in order to avoid incidents like this.

It is always devastating to see tragedies like this occur.  Although there are measures that pool owners can take to ensure their equipment is up-to-date, it is unfortunately not always in the hands of the owner. With accidents like these, the negligence of others may be at fault and the victim or family of the victim may be entitled to compensation for damages.

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