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7 Shocking Motorcycle Stats to Remember in 2016

Travel safety is a popular concern around the holidays. Between the nighttime holiday parties, hectic parking lots, and long road trips to visit extended family, accident rates can increase dramatically. That’s why the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood decided to do a little research into motorcycle safety this season and figure out just how safe our roads really are.

We gathered our research from the most recent data available to the public from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which detailed motorcycle data in 2013. We were expecting a few basic stats here and there, but what we found was nothing short of astonishing. Read the harrowing statistics below:

1. 27% of motorcycle fatalities in 2013 were riders under the age of 30.

2. 91% of motorcycle fatalities in 2013 were males.

3. 13% of road fatalities in 2013 involved a motorcycle.

4. 26% of motorcyclists in 2013 were operating without a valid license.

5. 58% of motorcycle deaths in 2013 involved multiple-vehicle crashes.

6. 56% of motorcycle deaths in 2013 occurred on non-interstate major roads (blvds. aves.).

7. 55% of motorcyclists killed between 9pm and 6am had BACs at or above .08.

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