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Saving Your Child’s Life: 4 Precautions That Every Pool Should Have In Place

Approximately 75% of all unintentional drowning deaths in the U.S. involve a child under the age of 5. That should be a huge wake-up call to parents of toddlers across the Nation, many of whom enjoy bringing their children to the pool on a hot summer’s day.

That statistic echoes, despite that fact that most parents are on constant watch while their kids are in the water. It has thus led the concerned attorneys at the Law Office of Hardison Wood to pose this question: If parents are supervising their children at the pool, why is the percentage of child drownings so high?

The 4 must-have safety features at your pool

Every pool should have various safety measures in place. However, some lack vital precautions. That's why we want to share with you the fundamental safety standards to help you select the safest pool for your child this summer. Here are the 4 most important child-safety measures every pool should have:

  1. Pool Rules - It seems obvious, but not every pool has a clear set of rules in place for visitors to follow. You should make sure your pool prohibits running on the pool deck, diving in shallow areas, regular and riding toys poolside and electrical equipment poolside. These rules make it much less likely that your child will sustain any injury near or in the pool.
  2. Pool Fences - This is another common feature, but you’d be surprised by how many pools are free-standing with no barrier around them. Without a fence, anyone and anything can get into the pool, including your child. To be in control of when your children have access to the pool, make sure it has a fence that is climb-resistant and at least 4-feet high.
  3. A Working, Nearby Phone - Make sure your pool has a working phone nearby with emergency contact numbers available.
  4. Lifeguard(s) - Don’t forget! A pool without a lifeguard is not safe for your child. You might be confident in your swimming abilities, but lifeguards are trained to rescue those in the water. So make sure your pool has a lifeguard on duty.

Make this summer the safest one yet!

At Hardison Wood, we’ve fought for countless victims of water injuries, so we’ve seen the worst of the worst. We urge you to do what’s best for your child and make sure your family’s pool has implemented each of these fundamental safety provisions.

If your child has been the victim of insufficient pool safeguards, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at the Law Office of Hardison Wood today!

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