Children Who Play One Sport Have Higher Injury Risk

Children Who Play One Sport Have Higher Injury Risk

Children Who Play One Sport Have Higher Injury Risk

Sports can be a great after-school activity for children. They facilitate regular exercise, improve coordination and confidence, and can provide opportunities for kids to have fun and socialize with others. But unfortunately, due to the physical nature of most sports, participating isn't always all fun and games. Injuries happen. And, according to new research from the Sports Medicine Department at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, continuously playing one sport can up that injury risk — according to a recent study, young, one-sport athletes are 50% more likely to suffer knee injuries over time than others.

It's no surprise that participation in sports does come with certain risks. Whether playing basketball, soccer, football, tennis or otherwise, sports involve regular and intense physical activity, which can become dangerous for all athletes if the proper safety measures aren't place. That's why most sporting teams require participants to sign waivers before allowing them to play.

Researchers from the Ohio State University recommended that, per the study's results, children train in a variety of different sports to prevent the same muscles and joints from enduring too much stress. But no matter how many sports your child is involved in, it's important to ensure that the proper safety measures are enforced throughout—and to also know your rights, should an unexpected sports accident ever occur.

Sports Accidents: Knowing Your Child's Rights

You may not know that a waiver doesn't necessarily mean a player assumes all fault for any personal injuries sustained while playing. In accepting personal liabilities for their own behavior, athletes are also entrusting that they'll have proper training and supervision from team leaders as they play. Athletes must depend on the conduct of other players to stay injury-free—something he or she may have little control over. The National Alliance for Youth Sports dictates several national standards sports programs must uphold for maximum player safety, including:

  • Training and accountability for coaches, administrators and other adult participants
  • Screening processes for individuals who will come in contact with youth participants
  • Sportsmanship among leaders and players, alike
  • An environment free of drugs, tobacco, alcohol and performance enhancers

If these standards are not met, the responsible parties could be at fault for acting negligently, intentionally or recklessly. And if that behavior leads to personal injury for your child, those parties can and should be held accountable. Victims of personal injuries suffered from such events have the right to seek damages, regardless of having signed a waiver or not.

If Your Child Suffers a Sports Accident

Sports are meant to to be recreational—accidents don't have to happen. Your child should be able to participate in sports with proper coaching, safe facilities and well-maintained equipment. However, if the negligent or intentional conduct of another party causes your child to sustain an unfortunate personal injury, do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood. Our experienced attorneys will discuss with you the specifics of your case, and can advise you on how to hold the responsible parties accountable.


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