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Daubert Challenge Consultants

Expert witnesses can make a weak case, break a strong case, or vice versa. Using an expert to your advantage is critical to a favorable outcome for your client. But that doesn’t always mean hiring an expert witness. Some cases require lawyers to discredit an expert. That’s where we come in.

Proven Daubert Challenge Experts

The Law Office of D. Hardison Wood has a proven track record of successful Daubert Challenges and can work with your firm to deconstruct and dismiss an expert’s testimony. Our attorneys will evaluate the witness’ entire body of work and tirelessly scour every detail to locate the most vulnerable point of penetration for your challenge.

Need To Discredit An Expert Witness? It’s What We Do.

If a Daubert Challenge is the obvious next step in your client’s case or if you simply need a thorough evaluation of an expert’s testimony, complete the form below. A Daubert Challenge attorney will be in touch with you shortly.

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