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They still need you.

Each Fall, millions of students fill college campuses across the country, many of whom do so for the first time. Not included in that number, however, are the parents who play a vital role in student safety on campus and success in the classroom. Learn more here.

Child hurt on a college campus?

How to be the Best College Parent Ever

The best thing you can do for your college student is keep them safe. It can be difficult given the distance between you, but the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood is here to help. Below are a few ways you can help your child stay safe on campus this year:

"If they feel respected, they’ll be more likely to respect themselves."
  • Respect their independence. College is most likely the first time your child has lived on their own, and it’s most likely a time they’ve dreamt of for a while, so respect their space. If they feel respected, they’ll be more likely to respect themselves.
  • Be available. Answering the phone when your child needs you is imperative if your child is in college. Be it a severe emergency or temporary homesickness, letting your child know that you are always there can strengthen your relationship and strengthen their will to succeed.
  • Get to know their friends. Bonding with your child’s friends is not only a great way to stay in the loop – but to be a consistent influence in your kid’s life. You’ll also know who to contact in an emergency.
  • Know their class schedule. Having access to your child’s schedule is not overdoing it. Knowing where they are and when is an imperative safety measure that makes emergencies more predictable and avoidable.
  • Install a phone locator app on you and your child's cell phone. Phone locator apps allow you to quickly and accurately locate your child's cell phone during an emergency. To prepare for the year ahead, talk with your college student and install the app on both of your phones.
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