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New to college?

Get ready for the time of your life – out on your own with new friends, a new home and endless opportunities. But between managing your social life and maintaining a rigorous class schedule, it can be easy to overlook one vital aspect of college life: personal safety.

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The Freshman Safety Syllabus

The Law Office of D. Hardison Wood is here to remind new students that safety on campus should be a top priority. Check out these valuable tips and tricks to make your freshman year as safe and enjoyable as possible:

"Respect yourself enough to remove yourself from a bad situation and ask for help."
  • Know your way around campus. Getting lost on campus is a common phobia among college freshmen. But if you know how to get to your dorm, your classes, the student center and the cafeteria, you’ll be more confident, comfortable, and effective during an emergency.
  • Trust the buddy system. The buddy system works. There is strength in numbers, and you’ll be much more comfortable and safe walking around campus in a group than walking alone.
  • Listen to your gut. If a situation feels wrong, it’s probably wrong. Respect yourself enough to remove yourself from a bad situation and ask for help.
  • Report it. If you are a witness to or a victim of something suspicious or illegal, tell the appropriate authorities. You aren’t only harming yourself by keeping quiet – you’re threatening the safety of everyone on campus. So speak up!
If you run into problems, call on the Law Office of D. Hardison